Health Canada and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission: Partners in Low-Dose-Radiation Research in Canada and Abroad

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  1. Dave Lambert says:

    Hi Guys,
    I trust those French, that speak no English, think as I , in that would it be possible to provide unilingual sections. Not meaning to be petty however the subject matter in you magazine,is of great interest to me and bouncing from French to English is frustrating.
    This is just a suggestion that I would appreciate your considering.
    With regards,
    Dave Lambert!!!

    Lambert?? your possibly thinking is French!! Well, yes it is but raised in Western Canada French was very seldom spoken.

    • Dave Niven says:

      Thanks for the comment, Dave. This is a new format for the Bulletin, and we appreciate the feedback. As a bilingual association it can be a juggling act to balance both languages. We’d be happy to reach out to you to make sure we understand your comment and see what might make for a better experience.

  2. Paul J Sedran says:

    For a number of years, Dr. Jerry Cuttler has been sending me studies which show that there is a small local region in the dose-response curve, near zero dose, where the curve is U-shaped. Is Dr. Cuttler involved and are you accounting for this research?

    • Julie Leblanc says:

      Thank you for your comment. In regards to the Federal Low Dose Radiation Research Program, only members of Health Canada and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission are currently involved. We are not in a position to comment on Dr. Cuttler’s participation in the other activities described in our article. As for his research, HC and the CNSC are aware and have reviewed his work. We continue to review all relevant scientific literature and provide recommendations based on the weight of the evidence.

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