Health Canada Makes ICRP Publication 126 Free to Access


En février 2019, Santé Canada annonçait son intention d’appuyer l’initiative de la Commission internationale de protection radiologique (CIPR), qui vise à rendre accessible gratuitement et à tous sa publication (Annales de la CIPR), dans un délai de deux ans. L’engagement de Santé Canada rendra accessible immédiatement et gratuitement la Publication 126 de la CIPR : Radioprotection contre l’exposition au radon. Cette contribution amène l’initiative Free the Annals à plus de 85 % de son objectif de 500 000 €. Pour voir l’évolution de l’objectif, connaître les autres partisans et savoir comment apporter son aide, il suffit de visiter le site Web de la CIPR.

In February 2019, Health Canada announced their intention to support the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) initiative to make their publications (Annals of the ICRP) free to access for everyone, with a two-year delay.

To celebrate their 90th anniversary in 2018, ICRP decided to give a gift to the radiological protection community—free access to the Annals of the ICRP. In 2017, ICRP made all publications from their first 60 years, as well as a few others, free to access. They want to make all issues free, except for the most recent two years. To achieve this, they need to raise €500,000 (about $755,000).

Health Canada’s commitment will make ICRP Publication 126: Radiological Protection against Radon Exposure free to access immediately. This contribution brings the Free the Annals initiative to more than 85% of the €500,000 target. To see the progress, other supporters, and how you can help, visit ICRP’s website.

“Radon is the number-one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers,” says Brian Ahier, director of the Radiation Protection Bureau for Health Canada. “Health Canada’s National Radon Program is committed to reducing radon-induced lung cancer risk to the public, and ICRP’s recommendations on radon in Publication 126 are essential to achieving that goal.”

For further information on Health Canada’s Take Action on Radon initiative, please visit

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