About the Bulletin

The CRPA Bulletin is a key communication tool for the association. It provides information regarding the association’s activities and serves as a forum where radiation protection professionals can share insights, advice, and valuable solutions.

The Bulletin is published every other month. The annual conference edition is also printed, distributed at the CRPA conference, and mailed to all CRPA members.


We are always interested in fresh insights and best practices to share in the Bulletin. If you have an idea for an article, technical report, report of practice, cartoon, or illustration, please let us know.

For submission procedures and the production schedule, click here.


Advertising in the CRPA Bulletin delivers your message to the heart of the Canadian radiation protection community through an association and a publication readers know and trust. If you want to reach the radiation protection community, the targeted nature of the Bulletin will get your message out to people who are interested in what you sell or do.

For information about advertising, including rates, technical specifications, and deadlines, contact the publishing office.