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Your Teeth Can Reveal How Much Radiation You’ve Been Exposed To

Sandor Demeter says Canada is experiencing a nuclear renaissance. This raises concern among radiation safety professionals about potential health and environmental hazards. How can governments, the nuclear industry, and nuclear regulators not only reassure the public but also demonstrate that them that they are safe from long-term and accidental radiation exposure? For the first time, Canadian researchers have used electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) on teeth to measure lifelong radiation exposure for those living close to nuclear power plants.


Highlights from a Young Professional’s First CRPA Conference and Suggestions for Future Conferences

Alicia Douglas, a recent graduate from McMaster University, shares her experience as a first-time CRPA conference attendee. She describes her time in Halifax this past May, makes suggestions for how future conferences may encourage more students and younger professionals to attend, and offers advice to future first time attendees so that they can make the most of their experience.


Health Physics Corner, February 2024

For years, the Health Physics (HP) Corner was a regular feature in the CRPA Bulletin. It drifted away in 2017, but we are very excited to see it resurrected by Jeff Sandeman!. In this first installment, Jeff carries on from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) licensee outreach presentation on contamination monitoring and runs through some verification calculations and examples.


Innovations Making the CRPA(R) Exam More Accessible and Efficient

As of November 2023, resources provided for use during the CRPA(R) exam have gone digital! Since 2006, Nuclear Safety and Control Act and Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission regulations have been provided for those taking the exam in the form of 500-page binders. Jeff Dovyak, CRPA president, and Jeff Fleming, chair of the CRPA(R) Committee, offer up information about the exam process and provide insight into the committee’s reasons for going digital.


CRPA(R) Prep, February 2024

Grant Cubbon interviews Darin Street, radiation protection and control lead at the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron, and asks him about how he got his start in the industry, his experience obtaining the CARP(R) designation, and how the knowledge and professional connections he has gained have benefited his career.

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President’s Message, February 2024

Halfway through his term, CRPA President Jeff Fleming remarks on the organization’s busy past year and looks to the future, hinting at some exciting things to come in 2024. Jeff encourages members to reach out and lets them know how to get involved with the organization.

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Editor’s Message, February 2024

Instead of forecasting CRPA’s plans for the coming year, our editor in chief, Dave Niven, looks back on the organization’s incredible past year. He also welcomes new board members, celebrates the newly formed social media team, reflects on the organization’s first in-person conference since the pandemic, and extends gratitude to the President’s Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion before sharing his excitement for all the amazing things to come in 2024.