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Your Teeth Can Reveal How Much Radiation You’ve Been Exposed To

Sandor Demeter says Canada is experiencing a nuclear renaissance. This raises concern among radiation safety professionals about potential health and environmental hazards. How can governments, the nuclear industry, and nuclear regulators not only reassure the public but also demonstrate that them that they are safe from long-term and accidental radiation exposure? For the first time, Canadian researchers have used electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) on teeth to measure lifelong radiation exposure for those living close to nuclear power plants.


Highlights from a Young Professional’s First CRPA Conference and Suggestions for Future Conferences

Alicia Douglas, a recent graduate from McMaster University, shares her experience as a first-time CRPA conference attendee. She describes her time in Halifax this past May, makes suggestions for how future conferences may encourage more students and younger professionals to attend, and offers advice to future first time attendees so that they can make the most of their experience.

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Could Australia’s Recent Radiation Scare Happen in Canada?

In February 2023, a small cylindrical capsule fell out of a fixed radioactive gauge on a truck somewhere along a 1,300 km drive from a Rio Tinto mine in Newman, Australia, to Perth. The tiny capsule was found by driving slowly along the route and using a gamma-ray detector. While no one was hurt in this incident, Dr. Sandor Demeter, a nuclear medicine and public health physician, explores other potential outcomes and the possibility of something similar happening in Canada.


Interview with Jeff Fleming, CRPA’s President-Elect

Regular readers of the CRPA Bulletin have come to expect Dave Niven, chief editor, to interview incoming CRPA presidents. In this issue, Dave continues his interview series by talking with Jeff Fleming, CRPA’s president-elect. Jeff tells us about his job as an inspector in the Operations Inspections Division at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, about joining CRPA when he was looking for a network of professionals to help him grow and learn, and about the CRPA board of directors’ plans to launch a naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) taskforce.


2023 Anthony J. MacKay Student Paper Contest

Each year CRPA’s Students and Young Professionals Committee organizes the Anthony J. Mackay Student Paper Contest in conjunction with the CRPA conference. The contest is open to all students enrolled full-time in a Canadian college or university program related to radiation sciences. From among the submissions, three finalists are selected and given the opportunity to present their work in a plenary session at the conference. These are this year’s finalists.

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Radon Awareness: The Power of Working Together

In the spirit of “Working Together,” (the theme of the 2023 CRPA conference) Erin Curry (CARST), asks how we can best support organizations and individuals working to raise radon awareness? She says that, as associations that unite professionals with a common interest, both CRPA and CARST know we will get further by forging partnerships, playing to our strengths, and—when it comes to awareness—not giving up! It takes consistent effort over time to see results.