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CRPA(R) Prep, May 2023

Valerie takes us on a creative journey with a bright-eyed, bushy tailed RSO who is starting out in a new position. While the surrounds can seem mystifying and unfamiliar, she reassures us that the journey is less daunting when you can reach out to others for guidance—if for nothing else than to see who else is out there and to share lessons learned, best practices, and solutions that can be modified and adapted. That, she says, is the most important value of CRPA membership.

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Editor’s Message, May 2023

Dave was very excited to be writing an editorial for the first conference issue of the CRPA Bulletin since 2019! While he concedes that there may be a bit of conference rust to shake off after four years, he is looking forward to the professional development, networking, and socializing—especially at the hospitality suite, which he says is one of the things that make the CRPA conference stand out from other events. He has no doubt that everyone attending the conference in Halifax this year will make up for lost time.

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CRPA(R) Prep, February 2023

In this issue, we’ve invited a couple of people who recently prepared for and successfully completed the CRPA(R) registration exam — Devin Sullivan and Laila Omar Nazir — to tell us about their experiences. We asked them to tell us why they wrote the exam, how they prepared, what their strategy was for writing the exam, and what advice they would give to someone thinking about writing the exam.

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Due South, February 2023

After reuniting with Canadian colleagues in chilly Vancouver (after four long years), Scott checks in from South Texas. In addition to his typical weather report and Sasky Pack update, he provides a report from the State of Texas Chapter regulatory conference, which was in Austin, TX, in November, and a preview of upcoming HPS events: The 2023 Hybrid Internal Dosimetry Workshop, which will be on February 6 to 9, 2023, at Oregon State University, and the HPS annual meeting, which will be on July 23 to 27, 2023, at Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in the Washington, DC, area.


Let’s Be Clear: Risk Communication for Radiation Safety Professionals (Part III) — Provide Context to Help Readers Make Sense of Your Message

In Part I of this series, we defined risk and risk communication, discussed the need to consider the perspectives of your audience, and explored some of the barriers to effective risk communication. In Part II, we talked about some of the ways plain language can make your risk communication easier to understand and more effective. In Part III, we are exploring the importance of providing context (additional information) to help readers understand the meaning behind the information so they can put risk into perspective.


CRPA’s Professional Development Committee Update, February 2023

2022 was another busy year for the CRPA Professional Development (PD) Committee, who made sure there were some great training offerings for our members and beyond. We added three new sessions to our online portfolio, which can be access as pay-per-view versions via our Thinkific site. The CRPA PD Committee was also responsible for organizing the Continuing Education Day at ICRP 21+1 in Vancouver in November. Ed Waller made sure we could offer six diverse, great quality sessions by prominent members of the Canadian and international radiation protection and radiation science community.