Radon Awareness: The Power of Working Together

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  1. Steve Staniek says:

    Canada’s nuclear regulator was unfortunately developed by imperial British Supremacists, with a pernicious Supremacist attitude, which foolishly dismissed and excluded other, home-grown [Canadian] sources of radiation protection, which were and are in fact superior to British ideas. Consequently, Canada’s nuclear regulator created huge gaps in the national protection program which continue to put Canadians at risk, needlessly. Those potentially harmful gaps had to be filled in by Canadian RP professionals [CRPA], who are doing a much better job of protecting Canadians against nuclear risks. Canadian RP professionals may be the best in the world, and it’s a national shame that the Health Physics Masters Program at McMaster was allowed to go down. The primitive British authoritarian approach to nuclear regulation is backward, and self limiting, because it does not respect nor value advanced local experience, knowledge, and wisdom. The great difference is found in the level of caring….Canadians RP professionals genuinely care about our workers, the public, and the environment, while British Supremacists are all about dominance, ie: control over, or dominating others with with their toxic social delusions of political Supremacy.

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