Author: Stéphane Jean-François, Radioprotection Inc.


Emotional Rescue: When You Need to be More than a Radiation Safety Professional

In this issue, Stéphane Jean-François comes to your “emotional rescue.” Yes, you, the radiation safety officer, the radiation safety professional, the health physicist. He reminds you that your work is really about people and, to reach those people in a meaningful way, you may need to be more than a safety officer. You will need to have a dialogue based on trust that has been built over time.

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Choosing Data That Will Resonate with Your Audience

This is the first of a series of short articles in which Stéphane Jean-François uses his 25 years of experience in various fields (medical, research, industrial, etc.) to provide tips and tricks for radiation safety officers (RSOs). He begins with a suggestion to avoid decimals when possible because people understand whole numbers better.


ALARA – How Low Is Low Enough? Be Reasonable! / L’ALARA – Quel niveau est suffisamment faible? Il suffit d’être raisonnable!

The Société Française de radioprotection (SFRP), the French equivalent to the Canadian Radiation Protection Association, with the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), co-hosted two workshops on the practical implementation of the ALARA principle. / Avec la Société Française de radioprotection (SFRP), l’équivalent français de l’Association canadienne de la radioprotection, l’Association internationale pour la protection contre les radiations a coanimé deux ateliers sur la mise en pratique du principe ALARA.


Comme les Français / CRPA-Related Activities in France

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, telle est la devise de la République Française et de Haïti. Je rapporte ici certaines activités qui se trament en périphérie de l’ACRP et qui touchent le pays de Molière. / “Freedom, Equality, Fraternity” is the motto of the French Republic of Haiti. In this article, Stéphane Jean-François uses those themes to frame his report on CRPA-related activities in France that he has been participating in.